Friday, September 24, 2010

Movies I'd Like You To Watch

Apparently the film I've been waiting 4 years to see titled Enter the Void finally comes out in America today. Enter the Void is the 3rd film from writer/director Gaspar Noé. He is, in my opinion, one of the finest directors working today. His first films I Stand Alone and Irreversible are two of my favorite French films.

I Stand Alone (1998) Trailer

Irreversible (2002) Trailer

Gaspar Noé also wrote and directed Carne, which was the short I Stand Alone was based off of. Carne is such a ferocious and raw self-examination in human behavior that watching it makes you feel as if you've just heard a disturbing story that happened right in your own neighborhood. Carne is the type of film I want to make.

Clip From Carne (1991)

Enter the Void is about a drug-dealing teen who gets killed in Japan, after which he reappears as a ghost to watch over his sister.

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